About Us


Our Mission


Our mission is to give all people, wherever they are, whatever their means, an opportunity to have a better life by providing them a better education.


What is My School Squared?


My School Squared is a web-based Educational Delivery System (EDS) designed to bridge the gap that has long existed between language acquisition and content proficiency for ELLs to each state's college and career-ready standards. Our EDS is free of charge to school districts, teachers and students. It is paid for by our Partners in Education.

My School Squared collaborated with DeVry University, teachers, administrators, students and parents to address three critical issues in our public school systems.

  • We first focused on helping Hispanic students that are "falling through the cracks" to overcome unacceptable disparity in graduation rates and testing due to the language barrier.
  • Next, we focused on helping teachers who were being asked to individualize and differentiate classroom instruction to meet individual student needs at a time when class sizes were growing larger due to funding constraints. In addition, we needed to make it easy for teachers to collaborate in creating a virtual library of instructional content for middle school students.
  • Lastly and equally important, we focused on providing online instructional content and homework assistance after school to ELL and other "at risk" students whose parents are unable to assist them with their homework.


Our Goals
  • Help ELL students achieve academic success and become competent in the English language
  • Provide ELLs and other at risk students with helpful resources they can use at home if their parents are unavailable or unable to help them with their homework
  • Provide ELL students access to teachers that speak their native language
  • Help school districts to effectively meet the needs of their ELL students and enable them to participate equitably in school
  • Enable teachers to individualize and differentiate classroom instruction to meet each student's needs


Key Features of My School Squared
  • My School Squared enables all students to receive instruction in the form of content-based videos, reference material and FAQs in English and/or Spanish presented by certified teachers in Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, etc. at school and at home. It also has a self-study feature that assists ELL students with English language acquisition.
  • My School Squared gives ELL students access to multilingual teachers during school hours.
  • My School Squared provides school districts with the means to leverage their scarce resources of multilingual teachers
  • My School Squared enables teachers to individualize classroom instruction and interact with students at multiple levels without regard to class size or language barriers.
  • My School Squared help teachers save valuable time by providing them with access to a virtual library of easy to find instructional material (content) to make differentiating classroom instruction easier.


Ultimately, our EDS enables teachers to amplify and extend relevant instructional time for ELLs and other "at risk" students. Our digital tools  increase access to content anywhere and anytime, provide multi-modal     approaches to learning vocabulary and content, support language acquisition, expand practice opportunities, and deliver timely feedback.


If you wish to receive additional information about My School Squared, please contact Jennifer Buonomo Crum, Director of School District Relations at jbc@myschoolsquared.com or at (770) 712-2036.