My School Squared is a web-based Educational Resource that harnesses the power of the internet to bring differentiated instructional material and blended learning into the classroom.

It was developed and refined based on research gathered from discussions with teachers, principals, school district personnel, parents, Deans of Colleges of Education and school board members. The culmination of the research is the National K-12 Virtual LibraryTM of tutorials complementing teacher lessons.

  • Helps ALL students with the primary focus on at risk and ELL students.
  • Free access (and non-taxpayer funded) for school districts, charter schools, teachers, students and parents. It is solely funded by our Champions of Public Education.
  • Can be used both to help students in class and after school.
  • Helps teachers provide individualized and differentiated learning.
  • Provides many Best Practices in Education.
  • Provides at-risk students with online support during and after school to help those that may be struggling in school.
  • Gives ELL students access to multilingual teachers during school hours via the Internet and translation app assists with English Language Acquisition.
  • The National K-12 Virtual LibraryTM will provide teachers and students direct access to mini-video tutorials, FAQs and Reference Material complementing teacher lessons.
  • The content will be created by teachers in English, Spanish and other languages and shared with other teachers, students and parents across the country.