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My School SquaredTM!

Watch videos that your teachers have assigned that go along with the classes you are taking. The video lessons are short and will help you to learn, understand and retain information.


If you are still stuck after watching a video, you can check out frequently asked questions that go along with the video lesson you just watched.


Need a little extra help? Or maybe you feel awkward asking a teacher in class? You can ask a teacher a question online in English or in your native language.


Quizzes may not sound like fun, but the good news is the quizzes are short and will help you to figure out if you really understand what you just learned. After you take a quiz, you will see the answers so you will know right away if there are areas where you may need a little more help.


This is cool if you are an English Language Learner. You can type any text in your native language and see it and hear it translated into English.


COMING SOON!!! Connect with your classmates, play games, go to concerts, catch a movie, go to the mall and more!

For more information about myschoolsquared.com or to become a participating school, please contact us at info@myschoolsquared.com.
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